Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

  • Our website is simple, fast, secure and free service for sharing and hosting webm files. Our hosting service can be used to share your webm files with friends, publish them in social networks as well as posting them on forums and blogs.

  • Wait a second, what actually is webm?

  • WebM is an audio-video format designed to provide royalty-free, open video compression for use with HTML5 video. In other words, you can host your short videos with us for free. For more information about webm, please visit wikipedia

  • How can I create my own webm file and how to upload it?

  • You can create your own webm file from any video file, what you need to do is select the proper length and convert it to webm. Here is a very basic tutorial about doing this: how to upload webm

  • Can you show me how already uploaded webm would look like?

  • Sure. This is our demo upload: webm demo file

  • What is the maximum file size?

  • The maximum upload size for webm and gif files for the moment is 20MB.

  • What file formats are allowed for upload?

  • You can upload files with the following extensions: WEBM, GIF. All files uploaded in format that's different from webm will be converted automatically.

  • What kind of webm files will you host for me?

  • Our service will host any legal webm file. Any files against the law will be deleted and info of the uploader will be reported to the appropriate authorities if necessary. Please be careful what are you uploading.

  • When you're going to delete webm files?

  • We delete only the webm files that have not been opened for more than 30 days or those which violate the laws or rules of our website.

  • How can I play webm files on my iPhone or iPad?

  • You can't play webm files in Chrome or Firefox for iOS, but you can download and play them in video player (ex. VLC).

  • Someone stole my content and uploaded it here, what can I do?

  • You need to contact us and provide proof of ownership over the given content.

  • Do you keep logs?

  • Yes we do. And we're going to use them if you upload illegal content.

  • Have more questions?

    Please use the contact page to e-mail us.